Jim Carrey habla sobre mecánica cuántica

Jim Carrey: I was just reading this incredible paper on the stochastic phase-shifting of the parametrically-driven electron in a Penning trap; and apparently, a bistability arises dynamically in the specific parametrically-driven systems, because the phase ψ of the electron’s steady-state oscillation can either have the two values separated by π.


Conan O’Brien: You know, it’s funny, what shocks me about an electron in a Penning trap is that most amplitude collapses are accompanied by a phase flip. Given that the rate of escape from the trap depends exponentially on an activation energy E as the diffusion constant D approaches Tn and ρ approaches ε-E/D.

JC: Absolutely. No question there.

Max Weinberg: I don’t know about that, Conan. Have you considered that the parametric driving force excites a nearly-resonant electron oscillation at the drive frequency, ωd/3=ωz? It’s a classic example of the period-doubling that occurs when a linear oscillator is strongly driven.

JC: Max. Did you just say that ωd/3=ωz?

MW: Yeah.

CB: (Laughs). It’s actually ωd/2=ωz! Wow, Max. Max, you know nothing about quantum physics!

MW: You’re right.

A veces tengo la impresión de que mis profesores de universidad hacían como estos simpáticos personajes para tomarnos el pelo... Por si alguien quiere leerse el trabajo original, parece que están hablando de esto.

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